Testimonial from Mimi

It's tough moving across the country, especially to a house sight-unseen! I hadn't found my house upon my visit to OR, but Beth Jacobsen at Windermere helped me find one. She is phenomenal! Beth was basically my "eyes" and helped me find a good house in a good neighborhood. She took the reins and had repairs made for me after the inspection, alerted me to a few concerns, dealt with a couple of unexpected items, even had our grass mowed and power turned on! We drove over 2,000 miles and found a couple of bags of groceries and a much welcomed bottle of Oregon wine waiting in our kitchen. Beth is a treasure! She goes above and beyond for her clients. She is professional, trustworthy, a woman of her word and she get's it done.  And, she's NICE!"

Mimi from Chicago to McMinnville Oregon